Customer Testimonials

NOTICE: Grant Therapy Services is CLOSED as of 2023.

Here is what customers are saying about Grant Therapy!

Trish on Google

"My family has been very fortunate to have Casey work with our son. She is knowledgeable in her field, easy to talk, flexible with her schedule and just an overall wonderful person. She has helped my son tremendously who has progressed so much because of her."

Erica on Yelp

"Casey Grant at GTS has been a lifesaver for us. She is always consistently supportive and a great source of strength for our family. She has worked with our son for almost 3 years now on his Sensory Processing challenges, and we've made so much progress! She's always been extremely flexible in trying different strategies in order to find what works for our son as he continues to develop and grow. We'd be so lost without her help!"

Chaia on Facebook

"GTS is absolutely wonderful to work with. We have been working with Casey for a while and she's helped my children SO much. Whenever we struggle with something, I can always get suggestions and recommendations from Casey and they always help my child. I highly recommend Casey and Grant Therapy Services!!"

Brandy on Yelp

"Casey is absolutely amazing and a complete lifesaver! Grant Therapy services (GTS) ability to help you not feel alone is unlike anything I could have imagined! This challenging journey has at times left me at a loss on what to do. Casey and teams expertise helps you see a path forward for everyone. Their strategies, expertise and support are just what you need! Trust me when I say GTS can truly make all the difference in the world for you and your child!!! I am so thankful!!!"