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Telemedicine at Grant Therapy

“The support parents need, right away”

At Grant Therapy Services, our therapists are dedicated to helping parents and children feel less overwhelmed and more in control in their home environment during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Teletherapy (also known as virtual care or telemedicine) is central to this effort – giving parents and caregivers access to the support they need no matter where they are.  All you need is an internet connection to get started, and a licensed pediatric therapist will meet you on the other end. 

Is Teletherapy right for your family?  

Grant Therapy Services wants to hear from you!  If any of the following statements sounds like your family, then you are not alone:

  • I Have a special needs child, or children,  who were receiving therapy, but therapy services ended due to clinic closure
  • I am without a special needs child, but I want my child to have access to positive social interactions, learn coping skills, and have an outlet for creative expression
  • I need a ‘break’ to address my own self-care needs, my own work-related tasks, or my own home tasks like doing laundry or making meals
  • I am feeling overwhelmed by working from home while also caring for my young children
  • I am feeling overwhelmed by homeschooling my children
  • I just need to talk to someone about my feelings as a parent during this pandemic.

We are here to help now. The result: We keep families feeling happier, in control, and empowered while sheltering in place. 

Expert teletherapy – we aren’t new to this

Casey Grant is an expert in the field of Pediatric Occupational Therapy, as well as Teletherapy. Casey has practiced teletherapy since 2016 when she became the first remote Occupational Therapist at the Hood Canal School in Washington.  In addition, Casey designed and developed the Teletherapy Program for Kindering Center in Bellevue in 2017, and trained 300+ therapists in telemedicine. Casey would love to share these benefits with you and your family. 

Grant Therapy Services is here for you and your child.  Contact us today at (425)394-6890, or email to schedule your first appointment.