GTS Levels of Care

NOTICE: Grant Therapy Services is CLOSED as of 2023.

Grant Therapy Services stands out from other therapy practices for several reasons. Our in-home sessions, and direct parent/caregiver training is one of them.  However, what we pride ourselves on most is our ability to customize the therapeutic experience for each family.  

Our goal is to empower parents and caregivers and help children progress in their natural environment. To accomplish this goal GTS offers additional support not found in traditional clinics, which means we may offer support you didn’t even know existed.  Did you know that families can schedule check-in meetings with their therapist or team for updates as often as they’d like? 

How do we support families differently?

We are available in a variety of ways in relation to therapy sessions. These include direct therapy with the child in their natural environment, therapeutic techniques with scientific, sensory, and neuro-based approaches. 

Support outside of a child’s session can include:

  • We never leave caregivers in the dark, that’s why email communication is our favorite tool.  A GTS family can expect an email after every session from their therapist describing ‘what’ was accomplished, ‘why’ it was accomplished, and ‘how’ to keep it going after the therapist leaves.  These include step by step handouts, videos, play-based activities and more.
  • Our Therapists come fully loaded to each session with physical and virtual handouts with tips and strategies. Your therapist will personally review each resource with you to ensure you completely understand it and can carry it over on your own. Your therapist will even help you modify your home in-person. For example, arranging workspaces for virtual learning, arranging a dining space to get picky eaters eating, or arranging your child’s bedroom to help them fall asleep faster. 
  • “Homework” that promotes carryover of the skills focused on during therapy sessions.
  • Clinical observation in the natural environment to assess your child behaving as their most authentic and natural self without intrusion. This renders the most accurate information for your team.
  • Therapist & Caregiver direct meetings & check-in via Teletherapy or in-person(This is an opportunity for caregivers to vent their frustrations, fears, and share their goals for parenting regarding self-care and balance with navigating complexities of raising children with special needs)
  • Direct Caregiver Coaching, Training and Support (Therapists teach to each involved caregiver, using a teach-back approach, to ensure understanding and proper execution for continuity of care to increase carry over of skills)

In addition to truly individualized care, we are also available to support development of skills in a variety of environments including: 

Home, Daycare, Community, Stores, Restaurants, Parking lots, Parks, Local Pool, School, Virtual Learning, IEP Attendance, Teacher training and In-Service meetings, Social Events, Play dates, and Birthday Parties.

We are also available to support your child’s development with:

Adult guardians, parents, siblings, extended family members, peers, teachers, daycare staff, community members (greetings and farewell training), and community workers (education about different dx to the community, train parents/caregivers to advocate for the child, etc.)

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