NOTICE: Grant Therapy Services is CLOSED as of 2023.

  • Evaluations to assess functional and social skills.
  • Screenings to do basic checks and determine need for evaluations.
  • Consultation & observations to assist caregivers in management of treatment.
  • Individualized treatment plans with solutions based on each unique environment.
  • Teletherapy services to maximize flexibility and effectiveness for families and therapists.
  • Family Centered Goals to maintain focus on the family’s concerns and priorities.
  • Feeding therapy to improve children’s ability to eat.
  • Attendance of IEP meetings to share their thoughts and suggestions on treatment.
  • Collaboration with outside supports or therapists for optimized treatment.
  • In-School Observations for an understanding of the child’s learning environment.
  • Parent handouts to aid in the support of treatment.
  • Open communication between client, and therapist(s)