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The power of play [Video]

Watch Casey on Sensory Fitness Live with Lakikid, describing the great importance and power of play!

The Importance of Play

Play is the most important part of your child’s development. Healthy brain development depends on a child’s ability to engage in meaningful play. Through play, children learn to interact and understand the world around them. It enables them to create and explore, encouraging curiosity and experimentation. Play helps children to conquer their fears while also practicing adult roles. Therefore, play is a building block for skills children will use throughout their life. 

Play helps children:

  • Develop new Competencies and Emotional resiliency 
  • Learn how to work in groups
  • Learn how to share with others
  • Learn how to negotiate 
  • Learn how to resolve conflicts
  • Learn self-advocacy skills
  • Refine decision making skills
  • Set their own pace for work
  • Discover their own areas of interest, and learn to pursue passions
  • Learn to problem solve
  • Learn social skills and social boundaries
  • Learn creativity and self-expression
  • Leadership skills
  • Learn compassion and Empathy

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